Google is always on the mission to constantly adapt to the changes to improve the user experience. This time it has come up with the unification of Gmail with Microsoft Office files which will enable users to edit MS Office files from a Gmail attachment.

With this great facility, individuals will be able to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without exiting from Gmail, and he/she can maintain the document’s original file format. we have come up with ways how to edit MS Office files from a Gmail attachment. Before that there is the dual benefit of this feature which are as follows:

First is, you can start editing your document in just a minute instead of waiting for downloading the file. Let’s understand this with an example, suppose you have received an excel file, now editing can be done with a single click.

Now all MS- Office attachments will have an inbuilt edit option and once you will be finished with the editing part you will be able to share the files then and there via email.

Google is making it very simpler to work with MS-Office files. Also, organizations are also permitting the clients to straightforwardly edit and modify the files in Gmail, much like it as of now permits with Google Docs or Sheets documents.

Google Workspace, comprising( Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Calendar) is now compatible to do editing in no time.

Edit MS Office File With Google Apps

Google has transformed the way an individual can edit its documents as simple as possible. To open and edit Excel files: You need to hover the cursor over the attachment and select the pencil icon. 

The file will be accessed for editing in Google Sheets. With one click only You can convert and open the file.

Three steps are to be followed to open and edit the attachments (Word or PowerPoint):


Click on the screen anywhere in the attachment to open it, except the “Download” or “Save to Drive” tabs. This will enable you to view the attachment in preview mode.


 Select the blue tab “Open With” (at the bottom right corner of the screen) to get options.


Select “Google Docs” or “Google Slides” to open the Word or PowerPoint document. This will convert the file and open it for editing in Google Apps.

Edit MS office File With Office Web Apps

Desktop users which prefer to make use of MS-office web apps to view and edit attachments obtained via Gmail.  The dedicated team responsible for building office web apps has done great work, the result of which is that the apps can be accessed in any browser. 

Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Office Web Apps enable you to upload and edit the attachments in any format whether it be a( Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) received in Gmail.


Roll your cursor across the attachment and click on the “Download” symbol(the down arrow), this will save the document on the device.


To have access to Microsoft’s Web Apps visit  Skydrive. You need to sign in to the Microsoft account.


Click on “Upload”, then select the document saved in the first step. The document will display on the SkyDrive list. Click on it to have a preview.


 Choose the options:

  • “Edit Presentation” 
  • “Edit Presentation in Web App”

This will open your document to edit online.

After you are done with the editing, you can share your file in a standard Microsoft Office format file.

Limitations of the upgrade

Neither Google Apps nor Microsoft’s Web Apps uploads all the highlights of the installed version of Office. If you are working on complicated documents you might experience issues with formatting or font substitution.

Important Note For Chromebook Users

Note: Both the above methods will be great for editing the attachments on Chromebook.  However, an internet connection is required in the case of Office Web Apps.

  • In case you edit the attachment with Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets all can be done offline. 
  • If you are not sure about the internet connectivity it is better that you use Google apps as an option for editing.

Final words 

Editing the files from Gmail attachment has been a time saver for many users.  Earlier documents should be in google drive to modify them but today it is not the case. Files can be edit directly from Gmail attachments. Apart from it, Google is updating to improve the orientations(horizontal and vertical)of documents. Also, it has considered the image orientation such as behind text or the watermarks and many other options. All the things will contribute to the better encounters of your with the final documents. 



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